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Frequent questions

In this section you can find all frequently asked questions about MyPass services. If you don’t find the answers you’re looking for, you can contact us by sending an email to or by calling +39 011 19 116 039.

What is MyPass?

MyPass is the first horizontal all-in-one Made in Italy Destination APP that allows you to connect different services of a destination, allowing tourists and residents to benefit from an integrated and multiservice system. With MyPass you can book and purchase activities, experiences, and services such as tickets to tourist attractions, museums, book a private transfer (NCC), purchase local public transport tickets (TPL), make a stop in parking lots in the structure, access to theaters and concerts, book a tour with licensed guides.

Do I need to create a MyPass account to book a service?

Yes, you must first create an account, and is very simple. Download the APP MyPass and record using your email address or third-party accounts, such as Facebook, Google, or Apple ID.

Why should I buy on MyPass instead of on site?

By booking through the MyPass APP you can compare many products including guided tours and additional services that may escape you on site. Furthermore, by booking online, you will secure a ticket for the date and time you prefer. Finally, the booking and purchasing tickets through APP will allow you to skip the queues at the checkout or the ticket office, by going directly to the services you have selected and gaining in terms of time and stress. Given the current pandemic situation, it is also recommended to avoid gathering to facilities to maintain a high level of security.

How can I book a service?

Search on MyPass for the activities you are interested in, select the ones you want to book, choose a date if required, and access the payment page. Finalize the payment and start your itineraries!

How can I check the availability of the attraction?

The calendar on the product page of each facility or service allows you to easily select your preferred date for the visit. If a date is displayed as unavailable for a specific day, means that the structure has sold out or closed, or that admission is free on that date. If there are no dates available for more than a month, we could not have tickets yet. In this case, we suggest you re-check the availability at a later time.

The times are indicated in my time zone or according to the destination?

All times are shown in the time zone of the place of the activity; For example, if you read that an activity in Venice starts at 9:00 am, which means that begins at 9:00 am CET (Central European Time).

Does my ticket have a specific day and time of validity?

Yes, tickets have a specific validity day you have to choose according to your availability. The time of validity depends if it is asked to select a time slot to use a service. This does not apply to tickets for public transport that provide the self-convalidation system. In such a case is not expected one day and a specific timetable, but the ticket will be benefited if necessary.

I want to select multiple tickets, but the system does not allow me.

If you can not select more than a certain number of tickets for a date or a specific time, it means there is no availability for this date/time or the maximum number of tickets that we are authorized to sell by date/time is been achieved. In both cases, you’ll want to change the date/time.

Can I book for a third person?

Admission tickets are not names, so you can book and purchase activities or contract services. If the titles must be nominal, as specified on the partner’s page, simply indicate the name and surname of the person for whom the reservation is to be made.

Where do i find my ticket?

Your tickets are available within the APP MyPass. On the Home page, at the top right, you will find an icon with tickets, by clicking on it you can see – and show in the structure – all the tickets both valid and past that you have purchased.

I made a reservation but I have not received a confirmation email. What should I do?

Check that the email is not in the folder “Spam” or “Promotions”. Remember that it may take up to 30 minutes after completion of the order to receive confirmation. If you do not find the email, please contact our Support Center.

I made a reservation but the ticket does not have a QR Code. What should I do?

Do not worry. The MyPass system allows you to cancel any reservations and purchases for up to 24 hours before the activity or service. Therefore, only 24 hours before the QR Code will appear on your ticket or voucher. If you do not have an active QR Code on the day of the event, contact our ** Assistance Center ** immediately

What are the cancellation policies?

In order to ensure maximum flexibility for users, MyPass provides the possibility to cancel bookings made up to 24 hours before the due date, at no extra charge. It is always advisable to check the cancellation policies for each individual service offered as the rules may differ depending on the partner.

Can I change a reservation?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to change a reservation. Given the cancellation policy of MyPass, we recommend that you cancel your reservation and make a new one.

Can I partially cancel a reservation?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel only some of the tickets purchased. We recommend that you cancel the entire reservation and create a new one.

What is the difference between Ticket and Voucher?

The difference between the two types of tickets consists in the fact that the ticket allows direct access to the facilities or services, while the voucher must necessarily be shown at the ticket office or at the automatic cash desk in order to obtain the correct access ticket.

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To provide our service, MyPass has to bear the costs. The booking fee includes costs for booking tickets, such as payment processing fees. It also covers the provision of customer service and all charges imposed by our suppliers. We can avoid an additional cost for the majority of the structures but, unfortunately, this is not possible everywhere. If in the summary of your order you see the words “booking cost”, it means that the structure for which you have booked is one of those for which we are forced to charge expenses to cover costs.

Are payments made securely?

MyPass processes your payment via a secure payment gateway. If you decide to save your card information, it is tokenized, encrypted, and stored securely with our payment gateways. MyPass S.r.l. never has access to your credit card information. You are in good hands!

Can I pay cash?

Sorry, we can not accept cash payments since MyPass is an online platform.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit, debit, and prepaid cards active on the Visa or Mastercard circuit are accepted, or it is possible to use ApplePay.

My credit card has expired. How can I do?

You can change the payment method at any time by accessing the MyPass APP and clicking in the reserved area > Payment Method > Change.
If instead, you have to replace the method of payment simply delete the Credit / Debit Card in your private area and add the new payment method.

My payment has not been successful. What should I do?

First, turn off the application and reload the page of the product you wanted to buy. If your payment card is declined, try another card. Still having problems? Contact us using our Support Center.

Where do i find my receipts?

You will receive your receipts via email the day you use your booking / purchase, therefore within 24 hours before the established date. Once you have used your ticket, you can always view your purchases in the Tickets section of the MyPass APP under “Archived Tickets”.

What should I do if I need the receipt to be in the name of another participant or company?

You will receive your purchase receipts on the day you make your booking and a valid QR confirmation by email within 24 hours prior to the activity or service. We remind you that these receipts have no tax value.
Payment notes for tax purposes must be requested from the partner on the day of use of the activity or service. Still having problems? Contact us using our ** Help Center **

How can I cancel my reservation and get a refund?

It depends on the cancellation policy of the activity or service booked.
Most of our activities allow you to cancel your reservation / purchase up to 24 hours before the event. You can, therefore, cancel your booking independently within the terms indicated directly from the APP > reserved area > my tickets.
If you cancel your reservation after the deadline indicated, eg. in the 24 hours before the event or for activities with a “cancellation not available” clause, we are sorry to inform you that the activity cannot be refunded. Please always consult the cancellation policies indicated on the activity or service page before purchasing. Still having problems? Contact us using our ** Help Center **

What should I do if I am late for the activity or service I have booked?

We’re sorry, but our partners can’t wait for latecomers, so make sure you arrive on time or early to attend your business. In any case, it will be the partner’s responsibility to contact you to check for any delays and, if necessary, wait for you, at the discretion of the same partner.
If an unexpected delay occurs, please contact the operator and MyPass immediately. No request for reimbursement for delay will be processed unless the cause is related to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. flight cancellation, etc.). In this case, please contact ** Customer Support ** and attach all supporting documents to your request (e.g. proof of flight cancellation). For full details on the cancellation policy, see the terms and conditions section of each activity.

What can I do if the Partner has canceled the service or in case of inefficiencies?

In the event of cancellation by the partner within 24 hours prior to the service activity or in the case of disservices attributable to the partner, you are entitled to a refund. Please see “How to request a refund”. Still having problems? Contact us using our ** Help Center **

How can I claim a refund?

Just send an email to our ** Assistance Center ** explaining the situation in detail and attaching any documentation that supports the refund request (eg demonstration of the delayed flight) within 30 days from the date of the event. All refund requests will be handled jointly with the local partner. Therefore, refunds will not be immediate and automatically authorized.

Is the refund possible on a credit card or account other than the ones used?

MyPass can only refund to the credit card or bank account used to purchase. Please contact your bank if your credit card or account is no longer active when we confirm the refund.

Where can I find the information and contact details of the service provider?

Within the App, on the pages dedicated to suppliers, you can find the map with the geolocation of the activity or service, the address, and telephone contacts. In addition, you will find the “How to get there” section where precise indications are given on how to reach the relevant places. In any case, the meeting point or the correct address and other methods of carrying out the activity will be indicated – service directly in the ticket – MyPass voucher.

Do I have to show up with an identity document?

It is not mandatory to show up with an identity document but is strongly recommended.

What should I do if I cannot contact the service provider?

Contact us through the references of Customer Service.

Do I always have to print the ticket or voucher?

No, it is not necessary to print tickets or vouchers to access the facilities or services. It will be sufficient to show your digital ticket on the MyPass APP at the entrance. However, we invite you to consult the confirmation email or the activity page to find out if you need to print the ticket or voucher.

Where can I find the opening hours?

You can find the opening hours on the MyPass APP on the page dedicated to each facility or service. Don’t forget to check them out before your visit.

How do i create an account?

Just download the MyPass APP and create your account by e-mail or with your Social credentials (Facebook, Google, or Apple). In case you decide to register by e-mail you will have to enter your name and surname, your email, and choose a password of at least 8 characters.

What data and documents do I need to upload?

No document upload is required; it is sufficient to enter the identification credentials of the person.

I forgot the password. How can I do?

When logging in, click on “Forgot password”; the password recovery screen will open where you will need to enter your registration email to reset your password.

Where can I change my data?

First access the MyPass APP > personal area > personal data > edit.

How do i delete my account?

First access the MyPass APP > personal area > personal data > delete account.

How do I change my email address?

First access the MyPass APP > personal area > personal data > edit.

Why is my account disabled/blocked?

Probably a payment related to a previous purchase was not successful and your account has been temporarily blocked. Check that your payment method is valid or, if not, proceed to enter a new payment method. If the problem continues to exist, contact our ** Help Center **.

How is my personal information used?

We do not sell your personal data and we only share with third parties the information necessary to provide services concerning your order. For more details, please read our Terms and Conditions or our Privacy Policy.

How can I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

You can unsubscribe to stop receiving promotional emails by clicking on the link at the bottom of our newsletter.

How can I delete my account and all personal data?

You can delete your MyPass account and your personal data at any time.
If you wish, send us a request for deletion of personal data to or by contacting our Assistance Center.

Is support available in my language?

Our customer service team is available to answer questions and assist you in Italian and English from 9:00 to 19:00, 7/7.

How can I contact customer service?

You can contact us:
By phone: +39.01119116039
By E-mail:
By writing to the following form:

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