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The First All-In-One Destination APP

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MyPass è un marketplace per:

  • Tourist attractions;
  • Shipping companies;
  • DMCs & DMOs;
  • Touristic guides;
  • Museums, Galleries and Archaeological Sites;
  • Rental with driver (NCC);
  • Parking lots
  • Theme parks
  • Sport, wellness & free time
  • Bathing facilities
  • Local Public Transport (TPL)
  • Theaters, Music & Events


MyPass provides a series of booking models, which are managed in total autonomy according to the different services, needs and opportunities:

Free sale (day)

The possibility for the customer to book and / or purchase the service for one day or more days, without hourly charges.
For example, booking a ski day, access to an amusement park or a festival.

Time slots (time)

The possibility for the customer to book and / or purchase the service for certain time intervals during the day.
For example: the restaurant reservation for the 19.30 shift instead of the 21.30 shift; or the entry to the spa only in the afternoon or evening.

Time slots (slot)

The possibility for the customer to book and / or purchase the service for a limited period of time, especially if the service has reduced numbers.
For example: The rental of a bicycle or a rowing boat for a maximum of 60 minutes; or booking a tennis court for 90 minutes.

Eventually, the booking system also provides for the possibility of adding deposits and / or deposits for the service, in order to discourage the so-called No Show and maximize sales.

Management of the Offer

MyPass provides merchants with a BackOffice with autonomous management to know the expected customer flows in real time, and the possibility of changing the offer options at any time.


Through the platform it is possible to view reservations and accesses in real time, thus limiting the entries.

Management of the Offer

It’s possible to view and learn the number of customers (flow) arriving / booked, for a global view of the expected daily customers and, if necessary, update or modify your offer in real time.


Through the App, and therefore thanks to normal Smartphones, each merchant will be able to validate / unmark bookings and purchases without the need for additional devices and avoiding the purchase of ad hoc equipment.

Destination Marketplace

Personal BackOffice

Each merchant can present his service in detail, including images, photos, multilingual descriptions of the service, access conditions, economic conditions and cancellation conditions, as well as define the prices or discounts based on the targets (e.g. reduced tickets, seniors, discount for members);

Quick Book System

Following the insertion of a service, service cards (landing pages) are automatically created that allow users to book and / or purchase in one click, even without the App (Quick Book System). You can directly insert the link on the institutional website or insert the QR Code of the card on the flyers or advertising material, thus avoiding the reprinting of the latter in case of updates.

Real Time Statistics

The merchant has the statistics dashboard, in which the trends in sales / reservations, the history of purchases by users, the number of upcoming bookings and so on are observed.

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The sales commission includes:

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