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Enter the world of MyPass

Discover all the features of the MyPass world to book the best museums in Italy, access the Parks, buy transport tickets, or park in a smart way.


Attractions, Experiences, and Tourist Services

Book and Buy

Through the App, you can choose between visits to museums, typical experiences of the area, concerts, and much more! Select the date you prefer and pay securely and quickly via the MyPass App, where you will immediately find your tickets available to access the facility. With a few simple steps, you will have all your tickets on your smartphone!

Free cancellation (flexibility)

Once you have purchased your tickets you will have up to 24 hours before the chosen date to cancel your booking, at no additional cost! MyPass is aware of how much your plans can change, especially during this time, that’s why it guarantees users maximum flexibility!

Digital tickets and direct accesses

Thanks to the digitization of tickets you will no longer have to waste time printing your ticket at home or going to ticket offices or automatic pay stations! Just show the ticket on the APP at the entrance to access it directly!

Secure payments

MyPass has built a verified and reliable system that allows secure payments by credit or prepaid cards (VISA / Mastercard) and advanced systems such as Apple Pay

Parking lots

Parking Ticketless

Accessing and paying for parking has never been easier! No more having to take the ticket and then go to the cash desks! Not having to take or buy transponders by connecting them to your vehicle’s license plate! Just use your smartphone to open the barrier and pay for parking, all with a few simple clicks!

Your Smartphone as a Remote Control

In the vicinity of the entry barriers of the car parks in the structure, it will be sufficient to activate the APP. By confirming the desire to enter or exit the APP, the barriers will activate immediately, as if your Smartphone were an access remote control.

Constant verification of expenditure

During the stop, through the APP, you will be able to know the amount of the shopping at any time, paying only for the time actually used for parking. At the exit the amount will be immediately charged to your credit card, thus opening the gate and allowing transit.

Electric car charging

With MyPass you not only enter and pay in the car park but through the same App, you can take advantage of all the additional services available in the structure! If you have an electric vehicle, during the stop, you can take advantage of the EV charging service, paying directly through the app!

Public Transport

Find your route and buy it

Thanks to the MyPass APP, you can choose the departure and arrival point, check the timetables and buy tickets in a practical, fast, and smart way in a few taps! Getting around the city is easy again!


In the case of open tickets (without fixed times) a manual activation will be required. Thanks to the self-validation system, if necessary you can take advantage of pre-purchased tickets without running into penalties and fines.

# It'sBetterInApp

Discover the whole MyPass world in the APP

Download the MyPass Application for free

# It'sBetterInApp

Discover the whole MyPass world in the APP

Download the MyPass Application for free


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