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Who is MyPass for?

MyPass is aimed at tourist attractions (such as museums, archaeological sites, theaters), tourist services (eg tourist guides, bathing establishments), transport companies (both local and private-public transport such as NCC), car parks, DMCs, DMOs, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators operating for the Italian destination.

Can anyone sell on MyPass?

MyPass has as its objective the quality of the services offered on the platform. Our offer focuses on tourists and residents, who want to experience a destination in a smart and cashless way. Therefore, MyPass offers few and specific services, thus rewarding the quality of the offer.

If I am a Travel Agency or a Tour Operator, can I sell on MyPass?

Absolutely yes. Travel Agencies and/or Tour Operators can insert their services, tours, and activities in MyPass. By sending the request to become a Partner, one of our experts will set up a meeting as soon as possible to define the offers and services to be included.

Is MyPass integrated with access, ticketing systems or similar?

MyPass is integrated with ticketing systems such as VivaTicket – Best Union, TicketOne, and Trient Group. MyPass is also integrated with access systems (eg turnstiles) such as Skidata, Axcess, and ALFI. Finally, MyPass has an active integration system with the Feratel channel manager.

Is it possible to integrate MyPass with a Channel Manager?

Absolutely yes, the MyPass platform can communicate with systems and/or channel managers in use in Italy. During the first meeting with one of our experts, the appropriate checks will be carried out. If the channel management is not already compatible with MyPass, technical integration interventions will be necessary, an extra step that will not compromise the presence on MyPass.

Is a Channel Manager mandatory?

A Channel Manager is not mandatory. The MyPass platform works perfectly individually thanks to the Back Office, Dash Board, and dedicated interfaces built to make it faster, easier, and simpler for the merchant. It will be enough to keep the services offered constantly updated.

Once becoming a MyPass Partner, which are the obligations ?

By becoming a MyPass Partner, the merchant must accept the General Conditions of use of the platform: it is the standard contract that governs the collaboration relationship. Once the agreement has been signed, each merchant can decide whether or not to publish his offer on MyPass. Furthermore, a constant dialogue will be arranged with the MyPass Marketing team to better promote the offers and services published.

What are the costs of MyPass?

MyPass has no hidden costs. In fact, the standard contract provides for a commission on the transaction. It will therefore be possible for MyPass to better promote the service – offer. Additional costs may be envisaged in the event of customizations or the need for ad hoc technical implementation activities.

Are the activities - services offered only for immediate confirmation?

No, we also accept solutions with confirmation at 24h or contingent spot solutions. In fact, our portal provides different forms and methods of sale according to needs. We understand, in fact, that sometimes it is not possible to dare immediate answers. However, we are aware that our users are less and less willing to wait and therefore the offers with immediate confirmation will have a greater appeal. In any case, it will be possible to define notice times, minimum numbers, availability dates, etc.

Who uploads the information of the services-offer on MyPass?

MyPass provides merchants with a personal BackOffice where they can independently upload images, practical and operational information relating to their business, with the possibility of changing them at any time. MyPass will be responsible for providing an initial training course on loading the offer and will always be available for any doubts and needs regarding the use of the Platform and the Back Office.

What are the MyPass cancellation policies?

MyPass aims to guarantee its customers a certain degree of flexibility. In fact, MyPass records the purchase only at midnight of the day before the event or service provision.
MyPass cancellation policies are therefore as follows:

  • Free cancellation by the user and merchant until 11.59 pm on the day before the event or service provision;
  • Cancellation without refund by the end-user on the day of the event;
  • No refund to the user in case of “no show”.

Who is in charge of the collection?

The Contract provides for a collection on behalf of third parties. Therefore, MyPass will be responsible for carrying out the collection by the end-user (by credit card). For payments and invoices, see the following answer. In certain cases, the activation of a virtual POS of the merchant may be required. In this case, payments will be directed to the merchant.

How are payments and invoices made?

MyPass will pay the merchant the collection net of the service charge, to the current account in the contract within the first ten days of the following month. If the transacted value is greater than € 5,000, MyPass provides for automatic transfers to the merchant every 15 days. It is understood that, also, in this case, MyPass will be entitled to withhold the amount of the service fee. MyPass will invoice you for your skills. In any case, the real-time statement of sales, credit, MyPass commissions, and payments/transfers made will always be available in the merchant’s BackOffice.

Who decides the price of the service - offer?

Each service – offered is freely available through Back Office. Each service page will subsequently be verified by MyPass to improve, if necessary, the offer itself and present it to users in the best possible way. MyPass may ask to integrate some information or replace some photos in a perfect spirit of collaboration and joint development.

Are there any penalty?

User: There are no penalties for the user in case of cancellation in the terms of the policy. In the event of a “no show” or cancellation after the deadline set by the policy, the user will pay for the service in full.

Merchant: There is a penalty for the merchant only when there is a cancellation on the day of the event and therefore MyPass must completely cancel the paid fee. Only in this case, a penalty of € 1.50 is required from the merchant equal to the credit card bank charges incurred by Mypass for the total or partial refund to the customer. This is a situation that should be avoided and that requires the merchant to look for an alternative to propose to the customer. It is understood that these events are considered these events as exceptional.

Who are MyPass customers?

MyPass is aimed not only at tourists visiting Italian cities but also at their residents to guarantee a smart and cashless daily shopping experience.
To date, the MyPass services are used by over 150,000 users coming both from the world of skiing, with MyPass Ski, and from the cultural and museum world, with MyPass Venezia.
In just two years MyPass has grown exponentially, with an international catchment area, therefore composed not only of Italians (Piemonte, Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna) but also English speakers (UK, USA, and Australia), German speakers (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), French speakers (France and Belgium) and more generally Northern Europeans.

How do customers discover my offer on your portal?

MyPass has a team specialized in communication and marketing that deals with the constant and large-scale sponsorship of the portal through direct DEM, GoogleADS campaigns, sponsored Social and so on. Furthermore, they are generated for each merchant campaign present within the APPPass, to ensure greater visibility and coverage on the pool of potential customers.

Which partners are already selling on MyPass?

MyPass is already proud of important cultural institutions (such as the Venice Biennale Foundation, Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Palazzo Grassi + Punta Della Dogana), public transport entities (e.g. ACTV, ATVO, Alilaguna, Bus Perego or NCC services), car parks (e.g. the car parks of Venice Airport – SAVE or of the City of Udine – SSM) or DMOs (such as APT Madonna di Campiglio – Pinzolo or APT Alpe Cimbra – Folgaria, Lavarone, and Luserna).

Why is the MyPass portal innovative compared to others?

MyPass is the first horizontal APP destination that allows tourists to book and purchase a multitude of services through a single platform that guarantees speed and flexibility in payments and evident savings in terms of time and costs.
Usually, APPs and platforms are vertical on a single service, such as transport or parking or experiences, forcing the tourist or resident to have several APPs. MyPass, on the other hand, expects to have everything one tap away, with all the necessary services of a destination directly on a single platform.

Do customers appreciate MyPass services?

Our customers declare that they appreciate our services, as evidenced by the high rating levels from our brands in the various rating platforms (score 4.8 / 5 on Google, score 4.3 / 5 on Trustpilot, and score 4.5 / 5 on Facebook) such as confidence levels found thanks to a targeted survey.

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